Chitungwiza man assaulted over $1

A 24 year old man is facing allegations of beating up his neighbour who owes him US$1. Godfrey Tavayedza appeared at Chitungwiza magistrates’ court over accusations of beating up his neighbour, Happison Jiro who owed him US$1.

Godfrey pleaded not guilty to the charges saying that Happison was the first to attack him.
Chitungwiza man assaulted over $1
“I did not assault him but we fought. We did not fight because of the US$1 but I beat him up because I was defending myself since he was the one who assaulted me first,” said Godfrey.

The State, led by Tendai Mukariri, alleges that on June 3 at around 1pm, Godfrey went to Happison’s place of residence demanding his US$1 from him.

When Happison said he had no money, Godfrey started beating him up using his hands.

This did not go down well with Happison who then logged a complaint with the police. H Metro


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