Crucial Conversations: My Stolen Red Rose

For the first time in my life, I felt a sense of deep loss. I felt heartbroken. Society had betrayed me. The very same society from which I was supposed to seek solace from. For the entire night I drifted into a revenge mode. I fantasised being a mercenary. I was full of anger and my heart was burning. It was only at around three in the morning that I was stolen by sleep but still I dreamt I was out in the streets seeking revenge for my loss. Even in dreams I could not satisfy my anger.
 Crucial Conversations: My Stolen Red Rose
Everywhere I look, everyone has become a traitor of some sort. I look at everyone with suspicion. I get angry at everyone who appears to be part of the problem. I see this society as evil for I am hurt, deeply hurt. I cannot find answers that I seek. I have tried to forgive and forget but the pain is just unbearable. I am an advocate for forgiving people even before they wrong me, but alas this is too much to bear. I find it difficult to accept the reality that has happened. I could go on explaining how much it hurts me but only up to a point.

How can I trust fellow human being who takes away what is not theirs? How can a fellow human being destroy what he/she does not understand? Why? Why? Why? Is it in our nature as humans to be such?

Whoever stole my flower has hurt my heart. I planted that flower and have seen it grow. I have taken care of my flower and did not expect its life to be so short lived. It hurts.

Here is the brief.
I planted a Red Rose flower just outside where I reside. The Rose was doing very well and I was looking after it (by my standards) very well. Two weeks ago the "Rose thief came by and broke part of my flower and took it away. I continued to nurse it and it started budding again with fresh little tender leaves. I was amazed at the way it had recovered. Yesterday, the Rose thief struck again and this time pulled the entire plant and went away with it. I inspected my flowers at around seven in the evening and my RED ROSE flower was gone! I have been hurt twice.

If I could feel like this for my Red Rose, how does my Creator feel about me?
Written By: Arthur Mutambara


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