Love your loved ones whilst they are still alive

Those that have loved ones, love them while you can for the world is an empty space when they are taken away from this earth.

I took time from my busy schedule to pass through a long time friend's place. I was devastated at what I encountered, 'A Dying Friend.' Frail as he is, he recalled me and greeted me by my Shona name Kufahakutizwi which means 'One can not run away from death.'
Love your loved ones whilst they are still alive
I never realised how much my friend meant to me until today. He chose to prepare a cup of tea for me and as I sipped it, he told me he is truly thankful for each passing day. He is slowly dying of cancer!

The best that I could do was to kneel down and pray for him. I have learnt the importance of loving and appreciating people whilst they are still around. Something in me longs, hopes and believes that we should love and cherish the gift of life whilst we still can.

My prayers are to all people with terminal illnesses.
Written By: Arthur Mutambara


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