Chitown Count Your Blessings.

In the doom and gloom surrounding us on a daily basis, one can easily forget this essential attitude.

In an earlier article, I wrote about the deplorable state of affairs at our Chitungwiza town head office. I visited the said offices this morning and to my pleasant surprise found that the generator which was under mothballs is now up and running ,the long queue of residents waiting to pay their rates was down to manageable number of below ten. Bravo to who ever was instrumental to the improvement.
Chitown Count Your Blessings.
It is very easy to get on the bandwagon and bash away at all the perceived ills in society but showing gratitude comes much harder.

Generally if one is grateful for small so called insignificant things, then one's disposition changes for the better and they are able to grasp opportunities that present themselves.We have so much to be grateful for, the air we breathe, the bright sunshine, singing birds but if we are hell bent on wining and gnashing our teeth we fail to enjoy these.
By: Patrick Gwangwara


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