CHITOWN HISTORY: Chitungwiza An Infrastructure Development.

There is one main highway that connects the city to Harare which is in serious need of maintenance as of 2007. Public transport is composed of regular single level buses and more reliably minibus taxis (called emergency taxis locally).

Chitungwiza has over 30 primary schools and over 25 secondary schools. Among the schools you find Zengeza 1 High School, Seke 1 High School and Nyatsime College which each holds national records of both being the best result producers of the year.
Chitungwiza An Infrastructure Development.
Chitungwiza An Infrastructure Development.
As compared to other countries in Africa, schools in this town are well built and of higher standards. except a few which are privately owned.

There are several public municipal clinics and privately owned surgeries which compliment the Chitungwiza Hospital efforts and another bigger hospital called South Medical or CitiMed as of present.
Chitungwiza's infrastructure is fast growing with private people like Fradreck Mabamba, Sifra, Ngonidzashe Jiji and others building shopping malls and businesses premises. individuals are also building houses at a very fast pace. The Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex, built in 1995 for the All Africa Games, is no longer functional, and serves as a music venue.


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