CHITOWN HISTORY: A Look At Chitungwiza History.

Chitungwiza gained full municipal status in 1996 and is the third-largest and the fastest-growing urban centre in Zimbabwe. According to the 2002 Population Census, the city had a population of 321,782. However, its true population is closer to one million.
A Look At Chitungwiza History.
A Look At Chitungwiza History.
Most of the people work in Harare, as there is very little industry in Chitungwiza. There are growth points (an urban area with limited tax breaks) there and bus ranks.

Chitungwiza was one of the areas targeted by Operation Murambatsvina in 2005 in which many residents lost their homes and businesses. Like many of Zimbabwe's major cities, Chitungwiza is in a serious water supply crisis.


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