CHITOWN HISTORY: A Look At Chitungwiza's Demographics.

Chitungwiza is located in the traditional territory of the Hera people. Its most distinguished historical figure is the Pasipamire, the pre-colonial svikiro (spirit medium) of Chaminuka. He is remembered for predicting the colonisation of the country by the British.

Johane Masowe we Chishanu is the largest religion in Chitungwiza.
A Look At Chitungwiza's Demographics.
A Look At Chitungwiza's Demographics.
The Economy is supported by informal trade, residents earn a living through selling green groceries at informal markets such as Chikwanha, Jambanja and Huruyadzo. Art has proven to be among the highest contributors of income in Chitungwiza, many musicians come from Chitungwiza with the well known ones being Alick Macheso, Nicholas Zacharia, Dhadza D, Guspy Warrior, the late Dembo, the late Marshall Munhumumwe, the late System Tazvida, among others.
Apart from performing Artists and Musicians, Chitungwiza has produced great visual artists particularly in Shona Stone Sculpture. World Renowned Sculptors like Nesbert Mukomberanwa, Sylvester Mubayi, Willard Chiwawa and the late Fanizani Akuda are products of Chitungwiza.


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