DRAMA AT HARARE ROAD-PORT: Erosion Of moral Fibre

Last night there was drama at the road-port in Harare.

A youngish couple on their way from South Africa got into an argument resulting in the raising of voices and a slap on the ladies face by the husband. But, this was no ordinary lady because she gave as much as she got.
Two well aimed slaps to the husbands face left him bleeding to the enjoyment of the vendors and travelers at this port.
Erosion Of moral Fibre.
It quickly degenerated into a free for all debate among the many people who were rubber necking trying to get the best view of the ensuing drama, as views flew thick and fast with some siding with the woman and others with the man.
The most common sentiment though was that couples should not fight in public.

Has the moral fibre been corroded to the extend that couples fight in public, people indulge in public display of affection or much worse is this what being " modern' means
By: Patrick Gwangwara


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