Moral Boost For Harare Vendors.

The undersiege vendors scored a moral boosting victory in parliament yesterday, according to a report in Newsday. Both the ruling party and opposition members of parliament were unanimous in their condemnation of the second hand clothing ban.
Moral Boost For Harare Vendors.
Moral Boost For Harare Vendors.
Call it opportunistic or a case of protecting ones interest on the part of the honourable members, the vendors will be dancing in the streets as they share this piece of fortune as they have not had much to celebrate about in recent months.

Hopefully saner minds will prevail and the ban will be dismissed with the contempt it deserves and the vendor will continue to put some crumbs on their table.

With hordes joining the ranks of vendors on a daily basis ,the ban was a smack in the face of entrepreneurship,for that is what these people are.Given the prevailing tough economic times,massive shedding of personnel by hemorrhaging companies then maintaining the status quo makes sense.
By: Patrick Gwangwara


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