Conjoined Sisters Both Fall In Love With The Same Man

Ganga and Jamuna Mondal are unlike any set of sisters you've ever seen. Conjoined at the abdomen, these sisters work in a traveling circus where they are known as 'The Spider Sisters.' While most sisters fight over clothes, the remote, or attention, these sisters have to share everything. They have four arms, three legs and one stomach between the two of them. A "normal" existence was never in their cards.
Conjoined Sisters Both Fall In Love With The Same Man
As you can imagine, life for the sisters is rather difficult. Day-to-day activities we take for granted, such as walking or putting on clothes, they must suffer through. Having a relationship with a man was something so far out of the question that they had accepted their lonely fate and were at peace with it. That is, until they met Jasimuddin Ahmad.
From the moment Jasimuddin met the sisters, he felt an immediate bond. Their relationship looks past any physical differences and instead focuses on an uninhibited love for one another. Jasimuddin is not a man of great means, but he gives the sisters all of himself, and that is the richest type of person there is. I truly hope they live out the rest of their lives in love and happiness.

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