Antony Martial Needs Rooney Behind

Antony Martial has been a real surprise package for Manchester United this season. He came with a hefty price tag but the moment he started playing for the team everyone forgot he is just 19. He looks like a complete package. 

He is a player who is aggressive before scoring and cool while celebrating. This characteristic is rare in young footballers now a days. The lad has got strength and ability to go for one on one collisions with defenders. After 10 matches in premier league this year he is the only United forward who has banged the doors to score in most number of occasions. Van Gaal tried Rooney, Chicharito, Wilson, Depay and Martial as centre forwards. Out of them Martial is the only player who looked terrific so far. It was a very strange decision to play him in wings when he was playing well as a striker. He has shown what a threatening asset he is as a center forward. He wins areal duels easily against defenders who have experience equals to his age. Everything is exceptional for him at this age. Talk about that million dollar turn against Southampton or you go for that billion dollar run against Liverpool. He is a dangerous weapon for Van Gaal but he is misused in wings.
Antony Martial Needs Rooney Behind
Van Gaal has given huge number of chances to Wayne Rooney this season but each time Rooney looked a very different player he ever used to be. His best position is behind the striker. He does not seem to have the confidence he ever had. Martial can be benefited a lot if Rooney provides the ball to him. Ander Herrera is another versatile player to be playing in this squad. As a number ten his binding with Martial and Mata will also help the team to pull the results. In this current United squad they lack depth up front. Creativity is there but intention to convert those is missing. Is it the players fault? No. Manager needs to work on that. Rooney was not scoring and Martial was. He wanted to give both of them a run in the team. He did. Martial played well but Rooney did not. The way Martial came back against CSKA Moscow was something which is going to stay with him as moral boost. Gave away a penalty, but came back strongly on that same match to score a splendid header. Isn`t it brilliant for a kid which is his initial days in UCL? The stats prove that the best position where he can play is a striker. He should not be wasted somewhere else.

Rooney`s presence is always needed in the squad but he must play where he can contribute most to the team. In recent performances Rooney has not been clinical. He got opportunities, either he failed to convert or passed sideways. It is not for the first time Wayne Rooney is facing this problem in his career. He has overcame surpassing each and every hurdle and became a premier league great. He is an established ornament in the squad but he is not the striker he used to be. He passes well but his performance in the opposition half is below par. He has zero touch against Crystal Palace inside the opposition box. He created nothing for the team to score. Heat Maps and the touches are evidence of what he is doing in the field. He is not playing as a striker at all. He only played as a mid fielder and wanted to pass the ball sideways or forward. Which was completely negative as a center forward. The only highlight which was there for Rooney is an unconvincing shot from a free kick.

During the time of Sir Alex Ferguson, Rooney was always preferred as a number 10. He has a vision to create things and make it up for the strikers. He also gives pin point pass diagonally which is an added advantage. He is strong and sensible. He can swap with Schweinsteiger for sometimes and create a good triangle in the front third. It is not the fault of Wayne Rooney or Louis Van Gaal. He has been playing as a number ten for years now that is why it is difficult for him to score inside the box. He is a player who creates his own chances and opts for assists from his fellow companions. He is a leader but he has to lead as a front runner and set examples. At this moment of time he is setting the wrong ones for the fraternity. He has to get involved more. He is trying very hard but is it working? No. Currently Rooney is making the balls for Herrera inside the box. In simple mathematics of football it is a ridiculous thing when a striker makes it for a mid fielder more often. That too someone like Wayne who has scored 236 goals for Manchester United. It will take time to get his touch back but he won`t get it back the way he plays. He is 30 and the most valuable player for the team. He knows how to make maximum out of players and he gives some good advice in many occasion. With the stats and the discussion from different source Louis Van Gaal making it more difficult for Wayne to perform. He should make him play where he can play better. That is behind the striker. He will be an anchor in that role. A connectivity between the holding mid fielders and the striker.


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