Man Reveals How Organ Operation Went Wrong.

REMEMBER the 10 hours sex per day man? For the benefit of those that don’t, his wife sought a peace order against him.

This week B-Metro caught up with the man whose incredible sexual appetite and endurance could make an interesting study area for sexual health experts.

Thabani Moyo (PICTURED ABOVE) from Good Hope Farm in Inyathi said his problems started after a sex organ operation went wrong.

“My scrotum used to swell with fluid. It was painful and the only option was to be operated on. After the operation that is when lights went out for me. I couldn’t get an erection,” he said.

But how does a no-erection man go from that to 10 hours a day?
Man Reveals How Organ Operation Went Wrong.
His wife Dubekile Moyo approached Inyathi circuit court where she claimed that her husband would have sex with her about four times at night, with each session lasting about an hour and a half.

During the day she claimed he would also have sex once in the morning then in the afternoon.

“My uncle whose ancestry is of Khoi-San origin advised me to take imbiza (a sex enhancing herbal drink). After that my sex life became phenomenal,” he added.

But the sexual urge has become way too much for him.

“At times I masturbate, even before and after sex. I just can’t get enough,” he said.

His staying power could make porn stars green with envy because he can now control his ejaculation.

“I am a man who takes his bedroom life seriously. When I am about to reach climax I stop a bit and start to kiss my partner and resume after a few minutes,” he said with a chuckle.

However, he overdoes it and his wife does not like it.

“My wife almost deserted me for taking too long in bed and demanding too much sex. I have realised that the concoction has side effects as it has caused problems in my marriage but I thank God because after counselling services we have reconciled,” he said.

It turns out if he tries other sex enhancing drugs outside his traditional remedies he gets side effects.

“Modern enhancers make my manhood itchy. I don’t feel comfortable engaging in sex without taking the concoction or other sex enhancing herbs such as umganu, idolo lenkonyane. I put the powder in porridge or in a soup,” he added.

His first wife fled to South Africa because she could not take the sex marathons anymore.

“In 2008 my first wife complained bitterly about my elongated sex sessions after that she left me and went to South Africa. Fortunately we had no child,” he said.

He said counselling services from Emthonjeni Centre had saved his marriage which was on the brink of collapse.


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