Oprah on Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson And The Power Of Vulnerability

If you will ask Oprah Winfrey who she’d most like to interview, the answer will probably surprise you.

“I really want to interview OJ Simpson… but only if he’s going to confess,” she said.
Oprah talked to More FM's Si and Gary about fame, loneliness and vulnerability. / Getty
Oprah talked to More FM's Si and Gary about fame, loneliness and vulnerability. / Getty
In a fascinating conversation with More FM’s Si and Gary the talk show queen laid it out bare – from being famous and lonely to enabling others to live their best potential.

“What I discovered,” she says of the secret of her professional success, “is the power of vulnerability. It is empathy and vulnerability.

“When you allow people to see something that is real in you, something that you’re not pretending, people relate to that in themselves and they see themselves in you. There is great power in that,” she said.

Winfrey said talking to ordinary people doing extraordinary things” impresses her more than any celebrity interview.

Celebrity, for Oprah – the most famous media star in the world – is fleeting and lonely.

Michael Jackson, she said, was lonely.

“Me, I’m the opposite of lonely. I’m delighted with myself and with my life. I have great peace about it. I have a lot of contentment because I have a life that is bigger than what you see.”

She added: “A lot of famous people are lonelier than most people know because when you’re defined by the fame, the crowd, what the papers say about you, you can never be satisfied.”

She relies on 3 “trust friends” who have her best interests at heart, she said. And walking her five dogs (she used to have 11) helps her to relax and unwind.

With an empire worth $US3 billion, Oprah Winfrey doesn’t need for much.

What’s the best part of being so rich?

“Choice,” she says without missing a beat. The freedom to do what you want, when you want and choose for yourself.

Winfrey is coming to New Zealand next month for a one-off appearance at Vector Arena on December 16. Tune into her TV interview with Hilary Barry on TV3 on Monday at 7pm.


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