Cheating Wife Caught Having Sex In The Shower With Boyfriend

There was drama in Mutare’s Chikanga high-density suburb last Tuesday after a woman was allegedly caught red-handed by her husband having s-ex with a boyfriend at their matrimonial house.

A Sakubva hospital nurse, Serere, turned violent when he found his wife, Diana Imedi (PICTURED) in the shower with her lover only identified as Roy. Reports say they were busy enjoying movie-style shower sex, supposedly as ‘desert’ following the main course ‘sex session’.

Shocked by what was before him, Serere went beserk, thoroughly bashing the naked Roy whose bedroom equipment was still ‘charged!

The incicent happened at House Number 4262, Chikanga Phase Two.

Neighbours who spoke on condition of anonymity said Daina and Roy had been ‘sexercising bedroom gymnastics for quite some time.
Cheating Wife Caught Having Sex In The Shower With Boyfriend
All was well and exciting until luck ran out of the cheaters after Serere, who had gone to work, was tipped that another man was ‘on top’ of his wife, shagging her like there is no tomorrow!

Infuriated by the description of what was transpiring in his house, the male nurse rushed back home, jumped the gate like a Ninja and caught the n-aked couple in the bathroom, doing it the ‘No Under 21′ movie-style way.

According to moles, Serere and his wife were constantly quarrelling over the infidelity issue. The husband, Serere, however, he had no concrete evidence to support his claims. On the day in question, he was tipped by rumour mongers, neighbouring women for that matter, that his wife was being made to scream in pleasure by another guy in his own house,” said a witness.

After he forced his way into the house, a scuffle ensued right away as he fought the naked Roy (PICTURED, COVERING HIS FACE) who was not wearing anything, not even the PEN!S’ worksuit, popularly known as a condom!

Upon realising that her enraged husband was on a war path, Diana quickly made a police report. She refused to comment on the matter while her husband was not available to tell his side of the story.
Source: Myzimbabwe/ Manica Post


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