Growing Muthi Balls From Hell.

IT ALL started with a one-night stand with a sexy girl from Pietermaritzburg in KZN. But three years after the man tasted that night’s forbidden fruit, he is crying out for help.

That’s because his night of lust has left him with muthi balls from hell!

The desperate man, who asked to remain anonymous to save him further embarrassment, said his balls started swelling soon after he had sex with the girl.

“I don’t need my 4-5 anymore, somebody please just cut it off!” the 36-year-old from KwaMashu, north of Durban cried.

He said he had tried everything to get his unusual sickness cured, but with no luck.

His situation also forced him to quit his job as he could hardly walk and he had become the laughing stock of his colleagues.
Growing Muthi Balls From Hell.
“I have tried everything but I don’t get better. Instead this thing keeps growing, making my life a living hell,” he said.

He said inyangas told him the girl had been a cheater and had a jealous boyfriend who used muthi to trap her in case she slept around.

“When I told her about the sickness she started avoiding me.

“She stopped taking my calls and then disappeared,” he said.

Dr Thulani Nkosi, a neurologist at Durdoc Private Hospital, said the sickness is called hydrocele disease (isisende) and can be cured. “The operation, during which toxic water is drained out of the testicles, is offered by private hospitals and doctors but very expensive,” he said.

President of the Traditional Healers Association of SA, Sazi Mhlongo, said the sickness is called ilumbo, a sexual infection created with muthi, usually done by a jealous lover. She said the sickness is curable.


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