I Killed My Mum: Teen Confesses

A TEENAGER from Gweru who allegedly killed his mother by stabbing her five times with a kitchen knife has sensationally confessed that he committed the crime after his mother refused to give him money and her car.

Kudakwashe Ashley Sibanda, 19, of Southdowns suburb, allegedly killed his mother Barbra Sibanda in cold blood and took her car on Thursday last week.

He allegedly left the body in the house, stole the car and went on a three-day beer drinking spree with prostitutes. Kudakwashe allegedly killed a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident in Norton as he fled to Harare in the stolen car.
Kudakwashe Sibanda is seen with his girlfriend during one of his drinking binges in this file photo
He appeared briefly before Gweru Magistrate Judith Taruvinga on Wednesday and was not asked to plead. He was remanded in custody to December 23. Clad in a white T-shirt and grey track bottom, Sibanda who was in leg irons and handcuffs, appeared composed.

Below is a full translation of his chilling warned and cautioned statement:
“I plead guilty to killing my mother. I stabbed her while she was sitting in the dining room after she refused to give me money and her car, but I believe I was being used by evil spirits from one of my uncles.

“I left her body on the floor in the dining room and I locked the room before I went to the kitchen to wash her blood off my hands. “I took the knife that I used and threw it in the garage and took my mother’s car before driving off. “I went to Senga to see my friend Hither and we drove back to my mother’s house.

“I got into the house and packed my clothes in my room. “I went to Dorcas Murasi’s house where I collected $150 belonging to my mother. “I returned home and went into my mother’s bedroom where I took $100 from her hand bag.

“We went into town and started drinking beer at the Bowling Club. “The next morning I drove to Harare in the company of Hither and another friend Ronny Madzimure. “We left Harare for Gweru on the same day and arrived the next morning (Saturday).

“At about 12 noon, I left Gweru for Harare and I was still driving my mother’s car. “I left Harare that evening and gave a lift to some people at the Showgrounds, who were going to Gweru. “When approaching the Norton tollgate, I ran over a pedestrian.

“I left the car at a dairy farm turn off near the Norton tollgate. “I decided to go back to Harare and I hitch-hiked. “On Sunday I was spotted by my uncle’s friends while in a kombi. “They knew that I had killed my mother. They ordered the driver of the kombi to stop and they apprehended me.”
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