My Wife's Ghost Torments Me

WHILE his wife was alive, Godfrey Qubulashe knew she was disturbed by his many nyatsis. But he never imagined he would end up with her getting revenge from beyond the grave!

The 61-year-old from ­Bhijolo Village in Mqanduli, south of Mthatha, told Daily Sun his dead wife’s horny ghost has been ­tormenting him.

“My wife died in February after complaining of chest pains and her ghost started visiting me in July,” he said.
My Wife's Ghost Torments Me
According to Godfrey, the ghost arrives at midnight wearing a black nightdress and it has bloody tears running down its cheeks.

When she visits he can’t scream as his lips feel glued together. “ It feels like a dream but when I wake up the next morning I find my 4-5 wet and my body feels tired,” he said.

“For the past three weeks I have been sleeping in the kraal because the ghost doesn’t go there.

“I think my ancestors in the kraal chase it away.”

Godfrey said he spent two days in a holding cell last month after his girlfriend laid assault charges against him.

“She woke up with bite marks all over her body one morning.

“She blamed me, but I blame the ghost,” he said.

“I paid a sangoma R10 000 in August to perform a cleansing ritual but it never took place as the goat meant to be slaughtered went missing.

“The sangoma told me it was a bad omen and paid back the money.”

Sangoma Nkanyezi from Libode said ghosts ­visited the living if something was hurting them or making them angry.

“Godfrey needs to find a strong sangoma to help him connect with his ancestors so he can find out what is upsetting his wife.

“He then needs to perform a cleansing ritual,” said the sangoma.


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