Prophet Uebert Angel Disowns Anointed Dolls

The Good News Church led by Prophet Uebert Angel has dismissed reports that the ministry is selling anointed dolls of the prophet’s image which are meant to produce miracle money if they are worshipped and prayed to.

The news of the anointed dolls is circulating on various social networks and the dolls are said to be a replica of Prophet Angel’s body form and include his flashing red shoes.

In a statement through their Facebook Page, the church specified that the rumours are being spread by detractors who want to tarnish the image of the church.
Prophet Uebert Angel Disowns Anointed Dolls
“It is very unfortunate that falsehoods and misinformation spread faster than a bush fire on a dry and windy savannah. Whats more tragic is that some people are fooled into believing false media stories that appear on rogue websites. It is tragically sad that most of these false stories are designed to attack men and women of God. They attack the very people who give to the hopeless,” the statement read.

There is a story that has been doing rounds in the Zimbabwean media and on Social platforms about the sale of figurines (statuettes) of Prophet Uebert Angel, with claims that these statuettes are anointed and must be worshipped. This ridiculously misleading story is the work of people driven by jealousy and hate, these same people have been creating false stories for years now,’ the statement said.

Meanwhile a bible student from Living Waters Bible College Rodney Makumbamuto said if the claims are anything to go by this would mean the church will be practising idolatry.

“Such things do not only tarnish the image of denomination but they tarnish the image of Christianity as a whole,” he said.


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