Security Guard Murdered In $600 Filling Station Robbery

A GANG armed with iron bars assaulted a security guard at FSI Service Station on the outskirts of Gweru leaving him for dead, before blowing up a safe and getting away with $617. The security guard later died as he was being rushed to hospital.

Sources close to investigations told The Chronicle the gang struck on Saturday at around 1AM.

“The robbers, whose number is unknown, drove up the service station in a Honda Fit.

The station is adjacent to the popular FSI Hideout night spot. They bludgeoned the security guard, Themba Tafirenyika, with the iron bars and left him unconscious,” said a source.
The FSI Service Station on the outskirts of Gweru that was robbed on Saturday.
An employee at the hideout service station, Trust Chikwenhuri, who lives in a room at the premises, said he woke up when he heard a loud bang as the safe was blown up.

“They attacked the security guard who was on duty before forcibly gaining entry into the offices, where they blew up a safe and took $617,” he said.

“I was sleeping in the next room and was awakened by a loud sound. They tried to force open the door to my room, apparently disappointed with the relatively small amount they got from the safe.”

He said he faked a call to the police as the robbers fiddled with the door.

“I think they thought I was calling the police officers at the tollgate, barely 15 kilometres from the service station. They sped off, movie style, in a Honda fit,” said Chikwenhuri.

He said he rushed to Gweru Rural Police Station where he made a report, before calling an ambulance.

Witnesses said the bloodied Tafirenyika looked lifeless.

“I thought the security guard was dead. I realised he could still be alive when the ambulance crew took him away. Ambulances don’t take dead people, they leave them for the police,” said a man who declined to be named.

Tafirenyika was rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital.

However, due to the gravity of his injuries, he was transferred to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare.

Tafirenyika is said to have died in Norton on his way to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said:

“I can confirm that we’ve received a report of a murder that occurred at FSI Hideout located along Gweru-Harare road at around 1AM, where a security guard was murdered during a robbery and the robbers got away with $617. We’re appealing to members of the public who may assist us with information concerning the whereabouts of the suspects who are still at large to contact any police station.”


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