Woman Busted By Fiancé Having Affair With Married Boss... Wedding Called Off...

A BULAWAYO woman accused of having a s.exual relationship with her boss by her fiancé had no choice but to return an engagement ring she had been clinging to for some months.

Melody Ncube, a saleswoman with an insurance company in Bulawayo allegedly broke her lover’s heart.

“She broke my heart. Everyone is talking about her relationship with Martin Jimu (her boss). She has been unfaithful to me that is why I demanded the ring back,” said Thembinkosi Chingwe, her bitter former fiancé.

Chingwe said he pulled all stops that a man willing to fight for the love of his life would do.
Woman Busted By Fiancé Having Affair With Married Boss... Wedding Called Off...
“I confronted Jimu and told him to stop what he was doing because I had intentions to marry her (Melody) that was before I gave her the engagement ring which she accepted,” he added.

What pissed Chingwe off is that Jimu is a married man and his lover was willing to be a small house.

“I couldn’t believe it. Out of anger I called his wife and told her about what was going on. She confronted them and they denied the relationship,” he added.
Ncube refused to talk to B-Metro about the issue but Jimu said Chingwe was being unreasonable.

“What he is doing is not fair. I would rather comment in his presence in the same room,” he said.

Asked if he had been told by Chingwe to back off he said early this year he was approached but explained his position.

“We are workmates nothing more.That is what I told him when he asked if I was sleeping with his fiancé,” Jimu said.

Jimu initially made a commitment to visit B-Metro offices since he did not prefer to give a comment over the phone.
But by time of going to press he was not answering his phone.

A source close to the matter revealed that Mrs Jimu approached Ncube over the matter.
Source: BMetro


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