Armed Robber arrested during Magaya church service

A SUSPECTED ARMED robber was nabbed at Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries in the midst of a church service in Waterfalls.

Washington Musindo, of Mbare, was nabbed at Prophet Walter Magaya’s church in connection with a spat of armed robberies committed in and around the capital.

Musindo was arrested and taken to Harare magistrates’ court where he is jointly charged with Cosmos Wiro of Epworth.

The two are alleged to have snatched a pistol from a security guard, Kenneth Jake, who was manning the premises of a certain company in Queensdale and used it in a number of robberies.

Musindo and Wiro are being charged with three counts of robbery and another charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Allegations are that on February 10 this year, Wiro and Musindo went to a company located in Queensdale where Jake was manning.

One of them snatched his pistol and they took to the heels, the court heard.
Armed Robber arrested during Magaya church service
Jake went to lodge a complaint with the police.

On March 16, the two reportedly went to Willard Nyauta Mateka’s plot in Greendale where they allegedly threatened to kill him with the stolen gun.

Allegations are that Wiro and Musindo stole household properties worth US$700.

Musindo and Wiro are also standing accused of robbing Netsai Nyatanga on Greendale.

Reports are that on March 23 at around midnight, Musindo and Wiro armed themselves with the stolen pistol and went to Netsai’s place.

Upon arrival they broke into her house and stole property worth US$1 800.
On April 29, detectives received information to the effect that Musindo was in possession of stolen cell phone- a Samsung Ace.

Investigations were made and he was nabbed while attending a church service at PHD Ministries in Waterfalls.

He then implicated Wiro who was arrested at his house in Epworth.

The duo led to the recovery of some of the stolen properties upon being interviewed by the police. Source: Online


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