Investigate Chitown Municipality

The Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe and Chitungwiza Residents Trust has called for the investigation of the Chitungwiza mayor, councillors and council Staff for their alleged involvement in the corrupt identification and allocation of residential and commercial stands.

CHITREST and CCDZ also allege that the team at Chitungwiza Municipality should be investigated for violation of council procedures.

“This (alleged corruption) has negatively affected the state of social service delivery in the town as the elected officials and Council staff focuses on corrupt activities and amassing wealth at the expense of residents.

“The audit report that was produced by Council’s internal audit unit notes that Councillors and Council Staff were identifying undeveloped stands and submitting such stands to Council for verification and allocation by the Department of Housing and Community Services to themselves and connected beneficiaries.

“The identification of undeveloped stands and open spaces is the sole responsibility of the Council’s Planning department.
Investigate Chitown Municipality
“The audit further exposes that the Housing Waiting List of Chitungwiza Municipality is a mere formality as Councillors, Council Staff and their cronies are holding stands which they sell to desperate members of the public who are not on the housing waiting list.

“The audit report states that: “The housing waiting list [is] now defunct as people [with connections to Councillors and Council Staff] can enter on the housing waiting list and obtain a stand the same day.

“Stands are being parcelled for less than the agreed and approved cost resulting in Council fuelling the illegal sale of land as those with connections are getting the stands for far much below council’s selling price and disposing them to desperate members of the public.

“We implore Parliament, the Office of the Auditor General and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to play their respective constitutional roles and ensure that Local Authorities are accountable,” read the statement issued by Phillip Pasirayi, CCDZ Executive Director and Marvellous Kumalo, CHITREST Director.

The two organisations further add that those implicated should face the full wrath of the law.

And they also added that “the identified residential and commercial stands that were illegally and corruptly allocated and sold by the Councillors, Council Staff and their connections be repossessed and reallocated to deserving applicants on the Council housing waiting list.

“That Parliament appoints a Commission of Inquiry to investigate corruption at Chitungwiza Municipality and other corrupt local

“We call upon the authorities to conduct public hearings involving all stakeholders in Chitungwiza such as residents, business community, women, youths and others to address the problems identified through successive audit reports in the management of land in Chitungwiza.

“That the residents whose stands were illegally repossessed by Chitungwiza Municipality be compensated accordingly,” added the statement.
Source: HMetro


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