Telecel Zimbabwe Disown Nudist

TELECEL Zimbabwe has disowned an alleged employee whose nude pictures are circulating on social media saying they have no such former worker.

Three nude photographs of the heavily built woman posing nude in a room have gone viral on social media.

Other edited versions of the pictures are captioned ‘ChiHuta cheku Telecel’ and accompanied by a statement.

The circulating statement reads; ‘The Head Of Consultant at Telecel Zimbabwe Branch in Harare along Seke Road resigned from the post after topless & naked pictures of her were circulating online (name supplied), 41, nude pictures leaked by her Ex Boyfriend . . . ’

However, Telecel Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Angeline Vere said her organisation had no such employee by the given name aged 41 according to the message circulating on social media.

“We do not have anyone by that name with pictures circulating on social media and she never worked for Telecel Zimbabwe.
Telecel Zimbabwe Disown Nudist
“Maybe that lady lied to people that she once worked with Telecel Zimbabwe but our records do not have such a name and no one at Harare branch knows her,” she added.

It could not be ascertained whether the lady in the circulating pictures is actually a 41-year-old Zimbabwean named Sharon.

It is also not clear if the woman is even Zimbabwean or if the pictures were taken in Zimbabwe as the electricity sockets on the wall in the room where she was pictured are not standard Zimbabwe sockets.

There is a chance this is just a social media hoax meant to tarnish reputations with no basis on the truth.


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