Latest on Prophet Passion Java and his trouble with the law

Prophet Passion is expected to appear at Chitungwiza magistrate’s court today answering to theft of trust property charges.

Prophet Passion stands accused of swindling a congregant Chido Pamela Mangi of her Toyota Chaser vehicle while another Tatenda Kangai lost his 52 inch plasma colour television set to the man of cloth. After prophet Passion was arrested, Tatenda claims, he transferred US$200 into his Ecocash account so that Passion is not detained.

“This whole issue is now frustrating me. He is now saying he gave me a down payment for the television yet the money which was transferred into my Ecocash was for me to help with his release from the police.

“I just want this matter to be over and done with. We are going to court and let the matter be dealt with there. Passion is a liar and a thief and instead of him coming to the police station to pray for criminals he is in there being questioned for theft of trust property,” Tatenda said.
Latest on Prophet Passion Java and his trouble with the law
He told H-Metro that Passion later misrepresented to the police that the money transferred into his Ecocash account was a down payment for the 51 inch plasma television set. He said he still had the transfer in his phone as exhibit.

Chido Pamela Mangi who is accusing the prophet of swindling her of a Toyota Chaser echoed the same sentiments saying she was ready for the matter to be heard before a court.

“I am ready to go to court because I cannot stand his lies. Passion is saying I sold him the car yet there is no agreement of sale or any evidence that prove that.

“If he is sure that I sold him the car let him bring proof to court. I worked hard to buy that car and I cannot just let it go like it is nothing. He wanted me to withdraw the matter but I could not because the car is damaged and I want my car back,” she said.

Passion on the other hand, denied having anything to do with the two complaints saying:

“Magame ekuwachisana hapana chimwe. Vanhu vanenge vachifurirana vari muma corner. I know that vehicle was sold to us and what we owe is a balance. I am surprised that now they are saying they did not sell the car to us. We have been using the car since March but now they are saying I stole the car. You know the police came during a church service armed and they ordered me to stop talking indicating that I was an accused person. I complied with them and they took me to the police station for questioning but hapana nyaya apa, ndezvekuda kuwachisana chete,” said the prophet.
Source: H Metro


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