#GraceBibleChurch Trends - All Are Welcome At Grace Bible Church Says Pastor Ezekiel Mathole

The Grace Bible Church is open to everyone who wants to join it, says Pastor Ezekiel Mathole.

The Grace Bible Church has come out to explain its stand on the controversial views expressed by a visiting pastor. On Sunday, Ghanaian-born Bishop Dag Heward-Mills compared homosexuality to nature, saying it was unnatural.

According to a report by News 24, he said: “That’s nature. Dogs, cats, leopards. Which animal has one partner? It’s just like homosexuality, you don’t have male and male. You don’t find two male dogs, two male lions, two male impalas, two male lizards. You don’t find that in nature. That is unnatural. There is nothing like that in nature.”

Pastor Ezekiel Mathole from the Grace Bible Church says the church doesn’t discriminate against anyone and everyone is welcome to worship with them.

“We are saying as a church that anybody who is gay is welcome to the church – they can attend” he said.

Pastor Mathole added that the church does not hold the views expressed by Bishop Heward-Mills.

” The Church doesn’t discriminate against them and the views of Bishop Dag expressed are Bishop Dag, they are not the views of Grace Bible Church,” he said.

The Grace Bible Church was trending on social media after TV host and dance choreographer, Somizi Mhlongo, posted a video on Instagram about leaving the church after hearing homophobic sentiments expressed by the bishop.

“I am not going to sit here and listen to someone offend me. This is who I am. I am a gay man. Get it straight into your your skull…I will remain gay for the rest of my life. Let God deal with me,” he said.

The Church came under fire from social media from people tweeting under the hashtag #GraceBibleChurch.

Pastor Mathole said the church welcomes debate and dialogue in the church and there have been different responses on the saga within the church. Some people are pro the message that was preached while others were against.

“We are open to discuss contrary views so that they should come to the open, so that we as a society can talk about these things without anybody going into hate speech,” he said.

When asked whether the church would be inviting the controversial Bishop back to the church, Pastor Mathole said it would depend.
All Are Welcome At Grace Bible Church Says Pastor Ezekiel Mathole
“It would depend in the context of what we are dealing with to invite him again and his availability,” he ended. – Additional Reporting: News 24


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