‘Unholy Alliance’ As Andy Muridzo Joins Jah Prayzah

Rising musician Andy Muridzo has sensationally joined Jah Prayzah’s newly established movement in what is easily the biggest coup on the local music scene. 

Muridzo has since signed a contract that will keep him under Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement beyond 2020 and his forthcoming album set for next month is now being finalized at the JP studios.

Both parties confirmed the deal in EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS WITH H-Metro yesterday. The marriage comes at a time when underhand plots to use Andy Muridzo to curtail his idol, Jah Prayzah’s music career have been gaining momentum. Using lessons from Nigeria and South Africa Jah Prayzah has decided to launch the Military Touch Movement stable where upcoming artistes will be signed up.

One of the more popular such stables in South Africa is Kalawa Jazmee Records, which is considered a major contributor to the development of the Kwaito in the country. Apart form Muridzo, MTM has also signed ExQ, Nutty O and Tahle together with two producers Daniel Chiweda and DJ Tamuka ahead of the official unveiling of the label end of next month.

Jah Prayzah revealed yesterday Muridzo was the last to sign last week and the contract is already underway.

“Andy came to my office for a courtesy visit last week and during our discussion I told him my plans for the project and he did not hesitate to join saying he belongs here with us. So, yes we have signed Andy Muridzo to our stable and his contract is similar to the other artistes we have signed up. These contacts benefit the artistes more that the company because I have a passion to nurture talent and make Zimbabwe a great music country. This is what’s happening elsewhere on the continent and a good example is Wasafi where a lot of good musicians have emerged and risen to the top. It’s about growing together and the good thing about the contract is it’s there to benefit the artistes. There will be NO restrictions on them, the contract is flexible and they are allowed to do things outside the movement like stage their own shows although we will be lining up gigs where the artistes from the stable share the stage,” said Jah Prayzah.

He explained how Muridzo and others will benefit from MTM.

“Their albums will be recorded at JP Studios and MTM will sponsor even the video recording, coordinate distribution and marketing of the album. We will not interfere with an artiste’s vision. All we do is help transform that vision into a success story”. Andy Muridzo has risen to his current status by playing Jah Prayzah’s music and MTM do not intend to make him change his style. He is where he is now because of that sound and we will support his choice when it comes to the sound he chooses to pursue. We are not going to impose ourselves on the artistes,” said Jah Prayzah.

Under the MTM strategy, there will be an independent management as Jah Prayzah and Keen Mashapaidze will stay with 3rd generation. On ExQ, Jah Prayzah said the urban grooves star has what it takes to be an international star and all he needs is support which MTM should be able to provide.


Muridzo said that he has since decided to move his album launch date following his joining MTM last week.

“I have moved it from 24 March to the Wednesday, March 22. I decided to join movement because of our relationship. I want to maintain my relationship with my brother, Jah Prayzah. Even when I started coming from the rural areas, he is the reason I got up and running in the music industry and I want to maintain that relationship. A lot of things were being said and I believe this will prove to everyone that Andy Muridzo and Jah Prayzah are one family. When I look at my relationship with Jah Prayzah, I equate it to a family set up where I am the child and Jah is the father. No matter what happens, I cannot become the father but I will remain the child. I can never be husband to my own mother and if there are those that believed I would upstage Jah Prayzah then they were mistaken. I cannot replace Jah Prayzah but instead I will follow his footsteps”.
‘Unholy Alliance’ As Andy Muridzo Joins Jah Prayzah
Source: H Metro


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